Supplier Financing - Early Advantage Limited

What is Supplier Financing?

Supplier Financing, is a supply chain finance solution that benefits all parties within the supply chain. It gives suppliers the opportunity to receive a discounted value of their receivables, prior to the maturity date, from one or several funders, while the buyer (usually better rated) extends their payment terms and then repays the funder at maturity with zero added cost.

Early Advantage plays the intermediary agent between all parties, providing advisory, platform services, implementation and support, to ensure programmes run seamlessly.

What are the benefits?

Buyers benefits
  • Generate Higher Yields
  • Improve P/L statements
  • Improve Margins through reduction in COGS
  • Increases Supplier Cash Flow
  • Strengthen relationship with Supplier
  • Zero added cost to the buyer
  • Accelerate collection of Receivables
  • Extend payment terms and preserve Liquidity
  • Complete Control of your finances
  • Improved administration of supplier payments for the purchaser as amounts are paid to the bank only and not to multiple suppliers.
Suppliers benefits
  • Leverage your buyer’s credit rating to obtain cheaper finance
  • Instantly turn your receivables into cash
  • Grow business with adequate working capital
  • Receive payment early for a discount
  • Avoid high bank interest rates, processing charges and collateral
  • Request funds only when needed, complete freedom
  • Not a loan product
  • Increase certainty of cash flow
  • User-friendly interface and complete on-boarding support
  • Complete Early Payment Solution that is available round the clock
Funder benefits
  • Generate fees based on the discount
  • Risk supported by buyer
  • Finance irrevocable payment undertaking